GeroPros Believes…

  • Aging creates opportunities to LIVE fully, vibrantly with meaning and joy.
  • We believe all people should have the right to choice, dignity and continued contribution to society throughout their entire life–no matter where they live or their ability to remember.
  • We embrace mindful and empathic communication practices that validate individuals’ emotions and life experiences, viewing each person holisitically.
  • Creative self-expression, nature and gratitude are vital for our well-being and have the power to improve quality of life, connections with self and others and instills high standards in dementia care.
  • We have made it our life’s mission to help older adults and care partners navigate the aging process and the many emotions that arise on the aging journey.
  • Eldercare settings, organizations and corporations face unique challenges related to aging and we’re here to help inspire sustainable culture change and create an age and dementia friendly world.