About Michelle

GeroPros was founded by Dr. Michelle Olson, a social gerontologist and creative arts therapist. Michelle has spent over two decades working closely with older adults in eldercare settings and also with their care partners in the community. In fact, it was Michelle’s desire to empower older adults and improve their care and support those who care for them, that propelled her to obtain a PhD in gerontology leadership.

As a gerontologist, Michelle recognizes that older people are all unique individuals from various walks of life with unique experiences over their lifecourse–these experiences and perceptions contribute to one’s aging process and well being.

As a licensed and board-certified and registered clinician, Michelle recognizes that the emotional, mental and spiritual health needs of older adults are often not given enough attention in fast-paced, medicalized settings where daily tasks are often prioritized–and challenging conversations and emotions are pushed aside.

Michelle’s mindful, empathic and holistic approach to eldercare includes slowing down, paying close attention, empowering older people and carers and providing opportunities for greater connections.

About GeroPros

  • GeroPros is a small group of gerontologists and allied professionals with diverse areas of specialization dedicated to improving the lives of older adults and how as a society, we view and approach aging, dementia and end of life.
  • We recognize the tremendous need for increased dementia training, communication techniques and actualizing sustainable person-centered care within these eldercare settings.
  • Empathy, mindfulness and creative expression are not just trite taglines–We view these as non-negotiables in eldercare.
  • GeroPros promotes and advocates for people to connect with nature, with one another and opportunities to share their thoughts, feelings, losses, memories and experiences. People living in elder-care communities must be empowered in their daily lives and should never be denied these rich human opportunities due to lack of staff time, training or understanding.
  • Middle aged adults are often sandwiched between caring roles, many grandparents are raising their grandchildren. Older people are caring for spouses and the aging experts at GeroPros are here to support and assist in these unique and challenging life transitions and journeys.
  • Ageism is rampant within our culture and it’s often not acknowledged…it can and does occur within healthcare and even within older people themselves. Providing the expertise of gerontological support for care givers, improves care practices and health outcomes for the older people they serve.
  • Corporations and businesses should all be age and dementia friendly. We are an aging society and how we approach these challenges and opportunities will impact our staffing, workplace dynamics, retirement issues and marketing. How your corporation or business acknowledges these life situations, will impact your business, productivity and sustainability. Our language and perceptions about aging matters. It not only impacts our business–but our own health and longevity!