Organizations and Corporations

How Does your Corporation Support Aging?

  • We understand how our aging society can impact/benefit the workforce, the economy and the infrastructure of our society. With so many people aging at an advanced rate, there are numerous opportunities that come with these vast life experiences and knowledge.
  • Having a doctorally trained gerontologist as a consultant can help your organization dispell age-related stereotypes and outdated language, understand dementia, supporting older workers and how to integrate the generations for productivity and empowerment of staff, improve inclusiveness and diversity in the work place,
  • We partner with you to assess the needs of your organization, providing creative, innovative and mindful solutions to various age-related issues within the organizational culture.
  • We can provide mindful, arts-based/ interactive workshops to truly connect staff and leadership to promote better outcomes, performance and well-being.
  • We understand restoration and re-charging are essential! We have vast experience with painting/creative events for organizations (up to 100 people) that will connect, inspire and build morale! Some of our past clients include: Global Mastercard, Aetna, Fidelity Investments and numerous eldercare organizations.

Technology with an Aging-Informed Approach

  • If your corporation is targeting the older adult market for products or services, we can evaluate your plan through a gerontological lens lending insight and research to inform your approach.
  • Additionally, we can be a user experience resource if you have media such as a website or an app. If your project requires the expertise of a gerontologist and technologist to consider if the functionality is designed for older adult accessibility. This assessment can be based on the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative’s, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).