Eldercare Communities

We Provide Organizational Training/Workshops on:

Dementia Training

  • We strongly believe people with dementia can LIVE fully and vibrantly. There are over 100 types of diseases and injuries that can lead to dementia. We help staff understand these differences and address some common challenges and opportunities that arise in caring for persons living with dementia.
  • We support staff with the knowledge and skills needed to feel more confident in their daily interactions with residents in their care. Our trainings are interactive and provide creative ways to infuse empathy, mindfulness, nature and insight in providing the highest level of care (and self-care!)

Ageism Awareness and Aging Processes

  • Aging occurs over one’s life course and sadly, so does ageism. It is found throughout our culture, even within our eldercare and health care systems. We can provide education on the diverse aging processes and how to recognize ageism around us, in our language and our actions–and work to eliminate ageism in all its forms.

End of Life/Contemplative Death Care Practices

  • Death is common in eldercare communities, yet it is often strongly avoided and even hidden. While this practice is meant to “protect” residents from feelings of sadness, it also deprives them of the human and natural feelings of grief. We can consult with your organization to understand the underlying causes of these staff responses and disenfranchised grief.
  • Our compassionate and mindful training is based on Dr. Olson’s research with elders in care communities. We will help staff gain confidence in initiating these meaningful conversations and honor the wishes of the people experiencing these losses. Giving choice in grief IS person-centered care. Acknowledging death can be a beautiful way to connect people together and support these relationships for those who live and work in your care community.

Mindfulness & Expressive Arts

  • With over two decades of experience with creative arts therapy with older adults and care providers, GeroPros offers best practices arts-based interactive workshops.
  • These workshops are designed to inspire reflection as well as connections to ourselves and others supporting the philosophy that creative forms of self-expression are essential for our social, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We Specialize in Creative Arts with People Living with Dementia

  • We provide over 20 years of evidenced-based strategies that promote meaningful opportunities that empower people living with dementia to share their stories, feelings and give voice, even if words are hard to come by. We foster self-expression through various mediums and modalities such as visual art, music and poetry and mindfulness practices.

We Offer Training Workshops for Staff to Facilitate a Creative Arts Program Within your Dementia Care Community

  • These workshops are led by licensed, board-certified and registered creative arts therapists and gerontologists that incorporate a fine arts and multi-modal approach with a deep understanding of the role of the art materials and the creative process within the therapeutic milieu.
  • Staff will learn how person-centered care is heart centered care which focuses on resident preferences, strengths and abilities.
  • Staff will learn how to overcome common challenges in creating with older adults (i.e. resistance, poor vision/hearing, limited manual dexterity)
  • Additionally, we can offer educational clock hours and customize trainings based on your particular needs.

We Can Assist Your Organization in these Areas

  • Environmental/living area assessment: How does your home and culture contribute to the autonomy and vibrancy of the people who live there? We can help!
  • Policy analysis of your organization.
  • Research: We can work with you to gather and analyze data to address a specific problem (care, dementia care interventions, quality assurance/ customer satisfaction) and find sustainable solutions.
  • Person-centered care and quality of life: Does your organization empower staff and residents each day? We and assist you on your path to being a person-centered and person-honoring home.
  • We are expert coaches in daily/monthly activity programming, mindful dementia care and implementing the creative arts with older adults
  • We believe that people working in eldercare are the heart of an organization. If they are well-trained, properly supported and cared for, they will feel valued, provide higher quality care and retention rates are stabilized.

Diversity Training

  • Having a diverse and inclusive environment that respects ALL people is paramount in our workplace and healthcare systems. LGBTQ older adults face unique challenges and can experience greater levels of isolation, discrimination and health inequities. Living in a care community can increase these challenges without proper staff sensitivity training.
  • We provide insight and understanding into these human rights and are devout advocates for our older LGBTQ community, and can work with your organization to ensure sensitivity and equality through inspired training within your organization.