You are not alone.

We are Here to Support You in the Following Areas:

  • Navigating the journey with you–connecting you to necessary resources
  • Dementia education and effective holistic and empathetic communication strategies
  • Cognitive and environmental assessments
  • Customizing daily activities that are personalized for you or your loved one and how to remain active and engaged
  • Life transition assistance such as moving into an elder-care community: What to ask, what to look for, support for you and your care partner, communicating with a care team and
  • Expressive arts therapy for you and/or your care partner to empower, connect and provide opportunity for creative self-expression. (Can be done in person if in the Hudson Valley or via Zoom).
  • Helping to decrease stress, promote well-being and incorporating mindfulness techniques for more gratitude and joy that IS possible right this moment!
  • End of Life Planning and Spiritual needs counseling
  • Financial /Retirement consulting/planning